8 Simple ways to Grow your Business – Part 2


We know that growing a business doesn’t have to be really hard work, or cost a fortune and we are sharing our tips here to help you do the same.

In Part 1 we talked about Reputation, Passive Income, Network and Cost Cutting –  so make sure you’ve had a good read of those.

Now we have 4 more ideas for you. Let me know what you think and which ideas you are going to start working on.

1.Bill faster – the biggest problem that small to medium sized businesses face is Cashflow. 

Bill Faster

It is THE most common reason for a business failing. You need to make sure that money is coming through the door as quickly as possible; so don’t batch invoice: bill as soon as you can. Keep your payment time as short as possible. Make it easy for people to pay you – have a “pay now” button on your invoices, set up direct debits for regular clients and/or use an online payment system such as Stripe or paypal.

2.Get listed – get your business and your web site listed in the most relevant directories.

SEO To find directories, Google the name of your town plus directories url” (e.g. “London directories url”). The big ones that everyone knows is Google (of course) but there are plenty of others that are global, national or local – and many of them are free.

3.Don’t forget your suppliers – They might not be on your payroll, but if you take care of them and have a good relationship with them they are more likely to do things for you and recommend you to others. It works the other way around too. You can recommend them and help them build their business too. Win Win.

4.Cut overheads – I’m always amazed at how many business owners pay over the odds for insurance and rent because they don’t negotiate on these things.

plug socketSame for their utilities. Don’t just accept a hike in prices; negotiate. And look around, talk to your network, what deals are on? Who can offer you something better?

We really hope that these tips will help you to take control of your business and focus on growth.