How the World Cup can Boost your Revenue

How can the World Cup (or any other large event) drive revenue to your business?

FootballWhether you like it or not, World Cup fever is hitting a high; nearly everyone is talking about it, the news is full of it and everywhere you look there are adverts relating to it. So, how can your business benefit?

As Teams progress through the ranks, consumer spending is impacted by the “feel-good factor”.

Consumer confidence increases and ultimately, people increase their spending on the high street and online. The most obvious businesses to benefit from the World Cup fortune are those specialising in sportswear, selling beer and/or take away foods, pubs, BBQ goods and electronic equipment but there are plenty of other ways that you can raise the profile of your business and increase your revenue.

Football related products – Themed items that can be bought as gifts are a great revenue stream. You can design your own products and sell them online, through a retailer or via your own store (if you have one). Think T-shirts, gifts, notepads, pens, bags. One word of warning is to avoid using the FIFA logo due to copyright restrictions, instead use generic terms or country themes.


World Cup related articles & blogs – a great way to increase your Company PR – think of an angle which relates football to your product and write an article. For example, if you’re a wedding planner you could write an article on how to incorporate the World Cup in to your wedding. Be creative, try to think of a unique slant and send your article to magazines, journals and newspapers that your ideal client will be reading.

Use the football theme to bring more customers to your door. If you have premises, a stall, or a location that you work from you can use the football theme to draw people to you. Food companies, restaurants and cafes can all benefit hugely by offering themed menus, meal-deals and showing football on a TV (check you have a TV licence). Creative companies can design football themed products or by offering face painting on big game days. Once you’ve drawn people in you then can sell other products to them and to promote your business so make sure that you hand out flyers and have some enticing offers.


World Cup Offers & Deals – You can entice customers by offering related promotions, perhaps giving a percentage off red & white products, or having a discount on the days that England (or another team) are playing. You’ll need to advertise it well to draw the crowds so make sure that you get good online and local coverage.

Football Marketing –use the football theme for your advertisements, online advertising, facebook, Instagram and twitter posts etc. Eye catching football ads will draw people towards your business, and for a big winner, link your advert to Football Offers and Deals.

And if none of the above resonate with you but you employ people, then consider a teambuilding event by organising a night out to watch a match or organise a fun football match of your own (great for promoting health and well-being).

So, whether you love the World Cup or not, make sure you grasp the opportunity to drive increased business revenue.

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