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InspireI’m excited to introduce you to one of my big inspirations, Danielle Rolfe of Penton Park – She is Wife, Mother (to three young children, including twins) and Managing Partner of Penton Park.

Along with her husband Guy, Danielle runs three businesses, yes you heard me right, THREE businesses, from their family home in Penton Mewsey, Hampshire as well as managing a busy, fun-filled home life.  

I met Danielle when she offered to support me with the School Charity that I was Co-Chairing and I was instantly blown away by her energy, business knowledge and ambition. In the past year she has been an immense help to me in building Green Zebra – she has coached me, challenged my thinking and is the most amazing advocate.

What inspires me about Danielle? Well, firstly she manages to balance a busy home life and running three businesses. I struggle with running one business and having one child, so I absolutely admire her for managing to do that!

Secondly, she is pragmatic and has long term vision, a rare combination of skills – so, she can visualise where she wants the business to go, build a strategy around it and then break it down in to manageable chunks and deliver against it. I’ve watched her do just that, along with Guy, for Penton Park Brewery. They literally spent evenings brainstorming names and ideas and concepts and turned all of that around into a strategy to build a flourishing business.

Thirdly she is brave. Totally brave. And I really admire her for that. I think so many of us have great ideas and can visualise how we want something to be but aren’t brave enough to go for it.

Penton Park

So, let’s find out a bit more about the businesses at Penton Park;

Penton Park is their stunning family home to which they open the doors for weddings, private parties, corporate events and filming. The house is beautiful and has been restored to its former glory by Guy’s parents Douglas and Vivien who also live in the house.

Penton Park Brewery LogoPenton Park Brewery is a newer venture. Danielle and Guy have just renovated the 270 year old Georgian Kitchen at Penton Park and are now brewing their own beers using the water from their own well. Check out their gorgeous new logo which incorporates the letters PPB and the water from their well. 

Danielle also manages James’s Place which is an independent day opportunity centre based at Penton Park. Named after Guys brother, James, the family decided that the house was ideal for people with disabilities because of the size of the downstairs rooms and the wide doorways. Members of James’s Place come from all walks of life and have physical and/or learning disabilities.

She has accolades coming out of her ears having won The Wedding Industry Awards best Countryside Venue in the Central and South Region (2018), The best Hampshire Wedding Venue in the Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards (2018) and was rated Top 30 venue in the UK by London Evening Standard.  Danielle was also the Winner of Venus for small business Hampshire 2017.

Penton Park HouseSo how does she do it?

Danielle, how do you balance 3 businesses and home life, how have you built the businesses up, what is your drive/motivation)?

Some days I’m not actually sure!! There are a lot of plates spinning and I’d be lying if I said they were always perfectly synchronised.  I couldn’t do it without Guy, my right hand man, business partner, husband and best friend.  We are a true team and you’re just as likely to see Guy doing the school run as me.  We also lean heavily on our amazing team who help keep the businesses growing and moving in the right direction.

What are your Top Tips to fellow Business Owners?

Penton Park

  1. Dream big and go for it, someone once upon a time started Amazon in their garage… bet his friends and family aren’t telling him he’s crazy now!
  2. “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity take it and figure out how later” this is a Richard Branson motto and one we absolutely live by! Get some quotes you love and remind yourself of them when times get tough.
  3. Don’t listen to the naysayers – there will always be people who criticise – especially if you choose to live a life away from a 9-5. But life is for the living so choose your own path and enjoy it. 
  4. My mum also said to me years ago make sure you enjoy the journey – so if you are a small business owner and really feeling the struggle, try to somehow find the silver lining, (even if that’s just being able to work in your favourite coffee shop) as if you don’t enjoy the journey time will literally pass you by.Penton Park

Who Inspires You and why?

My husband… I always say I’m good at growing an Oak Tree from an Acorn, but I absolutely couldn’t come up with the Acorn in the first place!  How he comes up with the ideas and inspires me to help grow the Oak Tree is something very inspiring in itself!

You can keep up to date with Danielle by following Penton Park, Penton Park Brewery and the Country Housewife online: (for the real life behind the scenes pictures!)


Next week I’ll introduce you to Lisa Johnson who is the founder of GSD (Get Sh!t Done) and Carmella Weddings. She is a wife, mother to twins, multiple business owner and a freedom and success coach. Lisa Johnson