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Lisa Johnson

Shortly after setting up Green Zebra I felt overwhelmed.

Everywhere I turned people were telling me what we should be doing in our business, how we should run it, what we should focus on – from social media and advertising, to technical advice and systems.  Now, trust me, I have a lot of business experience and I’m pretty switched on, but even I felt confused and alone.  I now know that this is quite normal for entrepreneurs all around the globe, we all struggle at times and working for yourself can sometimes be lonely.

So I confided in a business friend who recommended an online group called GSD Society (Get Sh!t Done) and I’ve never looked back. It’s a safe haven for female business owners to learn and share with each other. Lisa Johnson who set up the group also offers up free materials where you can learn about a myriad of business subjects, from identifying your Ideal Client right through to generating Passive Income streams.

Lisa Johnson who is the founder of GSD also manages Carmela Weddings. She is a wife, mother to twins, multiple business owner and a freedom and success coach. She set up Just Own This and her membership group GSD Society to help women to make profit from their passions using strategy and mindset.

Lisa has spoken on the BBC’s Women’s Hour and is a Huffington Post Contributor. She has presented at Planners Extraordinaire in Dubai and been featured in national newspapers and magazines including Psychologies and Red. 

So, what inspires me about Lisa? Firstly, she is normal. She is just like anyone else out there, just like you, and she’s managed to achieve amazing results in all her businesses. If you read her story you’ll see that she’s had a tough life, but she’s stayed focused, she’s kept on track, she’s pushed hard and today she is a highly successful, multi six-figure business coach.

She is open and honest, and she wants to share her success with ambitious business women and believe me, her passion truly shines through. She is proof that you can be successful no matter what your background is, no matter how hard or difficult your life might have been. 

Secondly, I am inspired by the fact that Lisa shares everything (and I mean pretty much everything) with the groups. She is honest in a raw and refreshing way. She doesn’t dress it up for you or tell you it’ll be OK when it won’t or give you some “woo woo” type answer – but she will help you and give solid advice. I think that’s quite rare and it’s what makes her quite unique.

Thirdly, she has balls! I mean it; I’ve seen Lisa go for new business ideas and concepts in a big, big, BIG way. She gives everything that she does 100% and she isn’t afraid. How many of us can say that? I know I hold back sometimes, and I also know that I feel scared to try new things at times. Seeing Lisa being so brave in her business encourages me to be braver in mine.

So, let’s find out a bit more about Lisa’s businesses;

GSD Society is a monthly membership club for female entrepreneurs. She also has a free group, The Fabulous 5%, which she’s often in giving mini trainings or inspirational advice.

Click here to go to The GSD Society and The Fabulous 5%:

Carmela Weddings, is run by Lisa and her husband Sam, Carmela Weddings bucks the traditional wedding trend by offering modern luxury weddings. Think funky warehouse settings, or luxury destinations. Each wedding is the epitome of style and individually tailored to each couple. Click to go to the beautiful Carmela Weddings website

Lisa has some amazing achievements to shout about from being featured in the Huffington Press and Psychologies to Red Magazine and the Express. She also co-authored a book in her first year as a business coach and has spoken on stages around the world.

So how does she do it?

Lisa – how do you balance 3 businesses and home life, how have you built the businesses up, what is your drive/motivation

I am a massive believer is strategy rather than woo-woo fluff! I set goals, break them down and then follow them to the letter. I also rely on time-blocking to fit everything in and outsourcing as quickly as possible!

What are her Top Tips to fellow business owners?

Just start. If you’re thinking of starting a business – stop thinking and start doing. You can figure stuff out on the way.

Strategy is SO important but don’t neglect mindset. A mix of the right way of thinking and a plan to get you there will always get you where you want to be.

Unfollow anyone that makes you start comparing. It’s such a drain on your positivity and you don’t need that. Also, don’t believe anything you see on social media anyway. You’re only seeing the best parts of someone’s story.

Who Inspires Lisa and Why?

So many people inspire me! The coaches and mentors I’ve had throughout my business such as Shaa Wasmund and Tony Robbins right through to people who end up with a great business despite the odds being stacked against it like Kimra Luna. I’m inspired daily by the women in my membership group who I see work so hard and

You can find out more about Lisa here

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